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Financial Mentality & Your relationship with Money

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Session 1

Here’s a recap of our most recent breakfast meeting which focused on financial mentality.

Hints and tips to start thinking about:

  • Run through the [] quiz in order to align your spending habits

  • Reflect on: A peak moment in time. What did this bring up for you? Which values were present?

  • The opposite to a peak moment (tough moment).What values did this experience conflict with?

  • What are the must haves?

  • What in your life can you absolutely not live without? This will again tell you something about what you value and why.

  • Rate your values in an order of what which you are honouring the most? Which is your lowest scored value?

  • How can you bring more of this value into your life?

  • Come up with three ideas and pick the one that resonates the most

  • Now ask what do I need to say ‘no’ to, in order to bring more of this behaviour into my daily routine? What do I need to say ‘yes’ to in order to bring more of this behaviour into my daily routine? What is the cost to me if I don’t continue to honour this value?

For anyone looking to dive deeper we will also be running a mini values mindset series starting on the 3rd November, re-occurring fortnightly.

Here’s an Exercise to wet the whistle:

List 5 things in order that you’d like to do that makes you happy. List 6-10 things in order, that you currently don’t do but want to do. This is the begins of a good financial plan!

  • How does this list coincide with your values?

  • Will these bring more wellbeing and happiness into your life?

Helpful tips to take away:

1. Meditate 5-10 minutes per day.

Sitting down, being quiet and asking yourself the question – what thoughts about money is blocking my flow?

2. Visualise what you want from money.

Come up with some super exciting reasons why you want to make money – and visualise this!

Why do you want to become ‘rich’? There has to be meaning behind it. Get clear on the specifics!

How will having more money add value to your life?

3. Write a letter to money.

See how this might change your behaviours and attitudes towards money.

All the best!

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