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Financial Mindset Events

Purpose: To provide good quality financial education and improve financial literacy.

I'm here to provide you with the support and information you need in order to make smarter decisions with your money, and ultimately to become financially independent.

Many feel that financial education and the basic knowledge around money management techniques are lacking. This is an area that is not especially taught in schools, which is the reason for these regular workshops. 

All future events can be found below. 

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Client Reviews


David was able to support me earlier this year in investing some of my inheritance. He supported me to ensure my investment was reacting to the current markets, which enabled me to navigate the opportunities wisely to provide the best results possible throughout the time of the COVID19 outbreak.

He is very, friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable and took the time to talk me through all of the information and options available in a way that I could understand, having no previous knowledge in the area. I would definitely work with him again. Thank you!

Natalie Davis

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David is a true professional in his field, he is extremely knowledgeable and personable and he is generous with his time. Thanks to David’s work and financial recommendations, our family finally has true peace of mind, and that is priceless! In all the years of dealing with various wealth management individuals, only our relationship with David feels like one that will be long-lasting.

He gained our trust 100% because he genuinely cares about our best outcomes, even over and above his own gains, and that is simply unheard of in our personal experience of this field. I always highly recommend David, and I commend him for the values he carries through in his business relationships.

Carla Shohet

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I had the pleasure of using David’s services for my personal pension. David dealt with all my queries and requirements in the utmost professional manner. Not only was it done swiftly, but more importantly it was done to the highest of standards.

David took the time to explain all the different types of products available to me; allowing me to make a final informed decision on which avenue you to take. David was and is courteous and patient; and his attention to detail was immaculate. David not only serviced my requirements, but also gave me the reassurance that I have now have a trusted Financial Advisor who I can refer to when needed. I would not hesitate in recommending David to my peers and clients.

Ezaz Butt


Having recently left corporate life and started my own business, I met David at a networking event. In his usual friendly and open style, David was immediately helpful in pointing out the areas that I should be considering from a finance perspective and quickly undertook an in-depth analysis of my financial situation.

I was impressed with how David linked this to the bigger picture of what my future business and personal aspirations were. He then tailored his financial advice to me on that basis. David was able to provide me with a number of services that have put me in a better position financially and continues to stay in regular contact to keep me updated on my products and be on hand to help. I highly recommend David’s services and feel confident that his continued expertise and approach will be a huge benefit to me in the years to come.

David Hudson


David was so helpful and easy to deal with. I’d been meaning to do something with my pension for a few years, but it always seemed like such a hassle.

I gave David all the information and he took care of it all for me! He kept me informed throughout the whole process and explained everything simply.

I’m thrilled it’s all been sorted and now I actually have my pension working for me, rather than it sitting around doing nothing. Would recommend David if you’re nodding you’re here reading this, saying, me too!

Claire Sewell 

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I have always felt nervous about handling my personal financial affairs, especially when it comes to pension funds.

David was recommended to me by a well-trusted friend and colleague and from the moment I met him, I felt I was in safe hands. During the process of transferring and re-investing my pension funds, David took the time to ensure that everything was explained to me thoroughly and that all the best options were made available. I had neglected to do this before because I had not found the right person to help me with this.

It felt like a daunting process. With David, I felt reassured that everything would be handled with the utmost professional care and attention, and it was, to the very last detail. David is always available to offer professional advice and guidance and is in himself, friendly, genuine, and personable.

This is very important for me when dealing with money matters! David could not have been more helpful and did everything in his power to make everything go through smoothly and efficiently. I know that my financial affairs are in safe hands and that I will be kept informed of all activity with regards to my personal account. I also feel assured that my savings will be taken care of in my best interest. Thank you, David and I look forward to continuing to work with you.

Suzy Pool

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Click here to view a selection of recordings of our recent breakfast meetings and other money mindset workshops.

These sessions are intended to help promote financial literacy and education to the wider community. If you would like to attend any of our future events, please feel free to register with the 'RSVP' links above. 

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